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About Abrasive water jet
  • How Water jet Cutters Work
Water jet cutting works by forcing a large volume of water through a small orifice in the nozzle .The constant volume of water traveling through a reduced area causes the particles to accelerate .This accelerated stream leaving the nozzle impacts the material to be cut. The extreme pressure of the accelerated water particles contacts a small area of the work piece. In this small area the work piece develops small cracks due to stream impact. The water jet washes away the material that "erodes" from the surface of the work piece. The crack caused by the water jet impact is now exposed to the water jet the extreme pressure and impact of particles in the following stream cause the small crack to propagate until the material is cut through.
10 Reasons to Choose Abrasive Water Jet Machine

Long regarded as a tool for trained experts, abrasive jets have changed dramatically in the last few years. New technologies have made it possible for just about any machine or fabricating shop to purchase and profitably operate a precision abrasive jet cutting system, with little or no prior experience.
  •     Wide Range of Materials
The Water-Jet can work with a wide variety of materials, ranging from metals to non metal such as ceramics, composites, glass-even marble and granite.
  •     Quality Finish     
The finish provided by the water Jet Machine is a smooth sandblasted finish. No rough edges, burrs or jagged ends.
  •     No Heat in Machining Process
 Because the abrasive jet uses water and abrasive, the material is not heated up significantly during the cutting process. This makes the Water Jet Machine ideal for materials that are affected or deformed by heat, such as titanium.
  •     Environment friendly
The Water Jet Machine uses water and garnet to cut. Garnet is an inert gemstone, which can be disposed of in the municipal waste stream. No toxic fumes are produced during machining.
  •     No tool changing
You don't need to change cutting tools with the Water Jet Machining. One nozzle is used to machine all the different types of materials and shapes, saving time and the expense of multiple cutting tools.
  •     Minimal burr
Using the abrasive jet, there is little or no burr in most materials.
  •     Quick to program
The Water Jet Machine comes complete with a comprehensive CAD program (called Layout). You can draw parts from scratch in Layout, or import standard   files created in other programs.
  •     Fast set-up and programming
'Make' is the other main program provided as part of the DARDI Jet Machine.'Make' takes the tool path created by Layout and calculates the exact position and cutting speed of the nozzle at a resolution of over 2,000 points per inch (800 points/cm).
  •     Complement Existing Tools, Used for either Primary or Secondary Operations
 The Water Jet Machine can also work with your other machine tools to take advantage of the unique capabilities of each. An example of this is roughing out nested parts on the water jet to maximize material usage, and then performing final machining on a mill or machining center.

Advantages of Waterjet Technology

  • Cold cutting without thermal influences.
  • Flexible processing of virtually all materials with consistent high quality.   
  • Material-saving production due to reduced cutting width and the nesting of several parts on a single sheet.
  • Maximum degree of material utilization due to the smallest of part separation distances (partially free of burrs) and part-in-part  production.
  • Tension-free processed parts due to minimal cutting force.
  • Environmentally friendly and clean production without poisonous gases.
  • Good access to the work area of the Waterjet system.
  • Optimization of the cutting parameters to meet individual requirements.
  • Close linking with the CAD / CAM programming system.
  • High material savings due to narrow bridges or ribs.
  • No tool manufacturing and tool storage cost.
  • High productivity through multi head cutting systems and multilayer cutting.  
  • High-performance drive system, which permits high-precision production of parts as well as the highest of processing speeds.  
  • The combined production using Waterjet cutting machines and milling centers guarantees economical processing. The parts can be prefabricated and nested and only high precision areas are post worked.
  • Fast setup and rapid programming.
  • Minimal requirement of fixture.      

Comparison Over Traditional Cutting / Machining Methods

Comparison Over Traditional Cutting / Machining Methods
Advantage of waterjet cutting over lASER cutting
  •     Can cut many materials LASER cannot
  •     Gives the same or better tolerances/accuracy
  •     Can cut thicker materials
  •     Makes uniformity of material less important
    Advantage of waterjet cutting over EDM cutting
  •     Is much faster.
  •     Is able to cut wider range of materials.
  •     Makes uniformity of material less important.
  •     Does not heat the surface.
  •     Creates no heat – affected zone.
    Advantage of waterjet cutting over Plasma Cutting
  •     Produces a nicer edge finish.
  •     Does not heat the part.
  •     Is more precise.
    Advantages of waterjet cutting over flame cutting
  •     Produces a nicer edge finish.
  •     Does not heat the part.
  •     Is more precise.
    Advantage of waterjet cutting over Milling Cutting
  •     Needs no tool.
  •     Can machine brittle, pre-hardened and difficult materials.
  •     Can produce more parts out of same material.
    Advantage of waterjet cutting over Punch Press Cutting
  •     Is better on thick materials.
  •     Is better on brittle materials.
  •     Is better on hardened materials.


Why abrasive water jet?
  •     No heat process
  •     No structural deformation
  •     No burrs
  •     No melting
  •     No micro cracks
  •     No gas fumes
  •     No dripping slag
  •     No frayed edges
  •     No cutting oil
  •     No chips
  •     Material savings
  •     Sharp corners / bevels
  •     No cutting tools
  •     Wide range of material can cut
  •     Minimum fixture required
  •     Eliminate secondary process
 How much thick material abrasive water jet cutting machine can cut?
This can range anywhere from a 0.1 mm up to 300mm thick. It varies with the softness or hardness of the material being cut. Hard materials are normally cut up to 150mm thick. This does not mean Stainless Steel or stone with a higher thickness cannot be cut with a waterjet. It all depends on the purpose for which cutting is done (i.e. prototype, production, etc.), system’s operating conditions, HP Pump capacity and on the desired cut finish. It also depends on how long you are ready to wait for nozzle travel, as and when thickness increases, cutting speed decreases. For all materials, adjustments can usually be made to produce required results and if needed higher capacity pump is used. Following list shows possibilities of cutting different material:

Material Thickness (mm)
PVC Plastic 150
Stone 150
Granite 150
Ceramic 150
Glass 150
Stainless Steel 150
Aluminum 150
Iron 150
Foam 300

What points should we consider for selecting a model?
  •     Application details
  •     Material to be cut
  •     Size of Material
  •     Thickness of Material
How much Positional Accuracy can Waterjet give?
      Our machine can give ≥ ± o.1mm positional accuracy.
 How much shall be the kerf width? Is there any special arrangement for saving material?

It is ≥ 1mm. Our software has Nesting feature so material saving is possible by part in part cutting, close nesting, common cut, etc.
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